Dental Crowns Can Improve Your Oral Health

Have you damaged your tooth and now feel self-conscious about how it looks or feels? If so, a dental crown may be the restoration for you. There are many ways that a dental crown can improve the appearance and function of your smile.

Chewing Support

When your tooth is broken, damaged, or missing entirely, chewing becomes difficult. If you continue to chew on a damaged tooth, you may cause further problems with the tooth structure, nerve, and enamel. You could break the tooth to the point where it is no longer savable, and an extraction may be your only option. A crown will support the remainder of your tooth and provide a safe and solid chewing surface for you to enjoy your favorite foods.

Support A Large Dental Filling

If you have a large cavity, you’ll need a large filling in order to correct it. Unfortunately, large fillings often jeopardize the strength of a tooth. If you want your tooth to last long-term, a dental crown can keep it safe. A dental crown will also provide important protection against bacteria that might cause further damage to the natural tooth.

Symptom Relief
If you suffer from a tooth root infection, oral trauma, or extensive decay, your tooth may feel sore or ache. In these situations, the first thing to do is to have us evaluate your mouth to determine the source of the problem. Once the tooth is treated, the remaining portion of the structure may be vulnerable to continued pain. A dental crown will fortify the tooth against future problems and will help to prevent against sensitivity.

We want to help you to improve and preserve your smile, and dental crowns can do just that. Call us today to find out more about these treatment options or to schedule a consultation.