Does A Dead Tooth Need To Come Out?

If a tooth is dead, we refer to it as a necrotic tooth. This is a tooth whose blood supply has been cut off by deep decay or injury. Sometimes the tooth appears dark. Sometimes a patient does not know they have a tooth that has died. In many cases, we can save a dead tooth by performing a root canal.

Why A Tooth Dies

A tooth may die if you have suffered an injury and trauma to the area. It may also die if you have deep decay and an abscess develops. In this case, a tooth may die if you have a periapical abscess, or an infection at the tip of a tooth’s root. The tooth dies when the nerve is affected and the flow of blood stops. This starves the tooth of oxygen and nutrients. However, that does not mean a tooth cannot be saved. We may still salvage the tooth by removing the pulp and filling and sealing the tooth with root canal therapy. Each case is different. However, in some instances, the tooth does not need to be extracted.

Why You Should Act Quickly

A dead or dying tooth should be treated as soon as possible as it can become infected and can affect the surrounding teeth and jaw. The term, “dead tooth,” is not always the best description. Although the pulp dies, the rest of the tooth usually can be saved by, again, having a root canal procedure.

Do you have a dead tooth or abscess? If so, you should have your tooth examined and treated as soon as possible. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. The sooner you have a dead tooth treated, the better prognosis for the surrounding teeth and jaw. You do not want the other teeth to be negatively affected by any resulting infection. Therefore, give us a call now for any immediate dental needs.