How To Respond If Your Teeth Hurt When You Eat Sweets

Tooth sensitivity can be very painful and can be the cause of symptoms from mild to severe. If your teeth begin to hurt when you eat sweets, then you should schedule an appointment with us, as there is always an underlying cause for such pain or sensitivity.

Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt at other times, the pain you experience while eating sweets is a warning sign, and you need to avoid the development of a deeper serious dental condition.

How To Treat Sensitive Teeth

What treatments can be offered for such a sensitivity? Depending on the root of the cause as we determine, such as perhaps thin enamel, we can provide you with a fluoride treatment to help remineralize your teeth. Once enamel is eroded it doesn’t come back. However, the process of remineralization can put some phosphorus and calcium back into your teeth.

This process helps to make your teeth a little more resistant to the buildup of plaque. If the enamel damage is significantly advanced, then a recommendation of dental bonding may be in order. This is where a dental composite called resin is utilized. The resin is bonded to the teeth as a dental curing light shines on the enamel. Thus, it “bonds” and hardens against the teeth, which provides a stronger protective coating for your teeth.

What About Dental Damage?

Should the sensitivity be due to tooth damage, we may need to refer to you an endodontist. Typically, this only happens if the trauma is determined to be really severe or should you have an infection. If the damage is minor, more than likely the dentist will place a crown over the chipped tooth to protect from further invasive bacterial invasion and trauma.

If a cavity is the culprit, the dentist may suggest a multi-solution approach depending largely on how much any possible disease or sensitivity has progressed. Again, in this case, perhaps a fluoride treatment could reverse the cavity in very early stages of development.

The safest and most responsible response to your teeth hurting from sweets is again, calling our office. From there we can examine you and determine the cause and the appropriate treatment for your sensitivity pain. If you are having painful teeth issues centered around a sensitivity to sweets, please call our office for an appointment.