How To Stop Teeth Grinding: Eliminate This Habit Today!

Bruxism is the unconscious grinding of teeth which can cause a variety of other health conditions. Teeth grinding is a result of stress and anxiety. People are unaware of this physical response to stress and often ignore this condition. Teeth grinding causes irreparable damage to the teeth as well as the nerves in the root of the teeth.

Reduce Damage By Wearing A Night Mouthguard

Severe teeth grinding over a prolonged period results in excessive wearing down of teeth. You will also experience painful jaw movement while eating, suffer from earaches, experience lack of sleep, and severe headaches. If you are aware that you are girding your teeth while sleeping, you should contact our professionals right away. We will control this condition by custom fitting a night mouthguard for you. Wearing a night mouthguard will prevent you from grinding and gnashing your teeth, and prevent any further damage to your teeth as well as your physical wellbeing.

Types Of Night Mouthguards

There are various kinds of night mouthguards to choose from. One of the best in terms of the fitting is our custom night mouthguard. This night mouthguard is customized by our professionals after taking impressions of your oral cavity. It is made to fit perfectly in your mouth. The other is the over-the-counter mouthguard. This kind does not fit well and will do you no good. Our custom night mouthguard helps prevent contact between your upper and lower jaw.

Since this is a subconscious activity, a lot of people unknowingly do this even when they are awake. If you realize you are doing this or someone informs you about it, make sure you visit us on the very same day. The sooner you control this condition, the better it will be for your dental and overall health. Call us and schedule an appointment without any further delay.