How You Risk Your Mouth By Getting An Oral Piercing

Tongue splitting and oral piercings might look attractive and cool, but they can be very dangerous to your mouth. This is because your mouth contains thousands of bacteria, and any exposed wound would lead to infections. Here are more ways oral piercings pose a risk to your mouth.

Damage To Teeth And Gums

With oral piercings, you could cause damage to your gums and teeth. In most cases, piercings are inside your mouth; this increases the chance of biting on them. Given their hard surface, you could crack your teeth and develop conditions like tooth sensitivity. Furthermore, tongue piercings could damage your gums. This happens when you move your tongue around them as you talk or eat.

Infections And Swelling

Oral piercings will also cause swelling and infections. Given that your mouth is home to millions of breeding bacteria, the chances of oral infections are high. If oral infections are not treated on time, they can quickly turn into severe cases. Oral piercings can cause swelling on your tongue, potentially blocking the airway. This can be life-threatening if you don’t come in for immediate treatment. When your tongue and mouth swell aggressively due to oral piercings, your airway will be completely blocked, making the situation extremely dangerous. This is why it is important to avoid getting oral piercings.

Nerve Damage

Oral piercings could also cause a numb tongue due to nerve damage. As much as this condition is mostly temporary, it could easily become permanent. The injured nerve could also affect your tongue’s sense of taste. This can be a risky situation that could lead to further complications. Oral piercings also contribute to conditions like tooth decay and sensitivity. This is mainly caused by open wounds created by these piercings. Visit our offices for more information on the dangers of oral piercings.