Laser Dentistry in Johns Creek and Cumming, GA

Laser dentistry is a relatively new advancement in oral health technology that has progressed significantly in recent years. While a laser is not required to perform effective dental procedures, lasers provide a higher level of comfort, ease of use, and effectiveness.

Our dentist in Johns Creek, along with our other Atlanta office, proudly provides laser dentistry services.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is not all that different from normal, laser-free dental procedures. With laser dentistry, your dentist will use a high-powered laser to cut tissues or remove tooth decay instead of a drill or scalpel. 

A dentistry laser can be used for various purposes, including teeth whitening, because of the adjustable nature of the laser. The dentist in charge can adjust the wavelength to better suit the task at hand. 

Laser Dentistry Benefits

While laser dentistry is still catching on in some places, the benefits of laser dentistry are undeniable over traditional procedures. If you can find a practice that offers laser dentistry in Georgia, such as North Atlanta Family Dental, the results you experience will be worth it. 

Firstly, dental lasers are much more accurate than traditional dental equipment. If you have ever received a filling and had the drill slip and cause damage to your cheek and gum tissue, you know how frustrating this can be. Because of its accuracy, it’s much easier for your dentist to target specific areas with a dental laser. 

The versatility of dental laser treatments is another thing to consider. Because the laser is fully adjustable, it can be used for teeth and gums alike, in addition to bone and some other soft tissues. 

Additionally, the level of care you receive with laser dental procedures cannot be matched with a traditional dental drill. The laser causes less bleeding, less tissue trauma, and much less pain, and, in many cases, local anesthesia may not even be necessary. 

For this reason, dental laser treatments can be an excellent option for those who feel anxious about going to the dentist. The recovery times for those who receive laser dentistry are shorter than those of traditional dental treatments, as well. 

Am I Eligible for Laser Dentistry?

You might be surprised about the wide range of things that dental lasers can fix. Most people know that dental lasers can remove tooth decay before filling and whiten teeth, but they can do so much more than that. 

One of the most potent properties of the dental laser is its ability to disinfect. Dental lasers can disinfect the interior of a tooth during a root canal treatment, areas of gum disease, and periodontal pockets. Additionally, due to the cauterizing nature of the laser, the end result is less painful, bleeds less, and heals faster. 

Finally, dental lasers are extremely effective for easing your body’s transition to dental implants. Occasionally, after you receive dental implants, you may get an infection around the implant site called peri-implantitis. The dental laser is ideal for removing areas of diseased tissue around the implants, stimulating new growth, and allowing the implant site to heal back better than it was before. 

Laser Dentistry Risks

Even if you’ve found a practice offering laser dentistry in Georgia, you may feel worried about the risks of laser dentistry. You’ll be relieved to know that the risks associated with laser dentistry are very low — potentially even lower than even those of traditional dentistry. The laser itself is very stable and precise, and your dentist will provide you with special glasses to protect your vision from the brightness of the laser. 

The one main risk associated with laser dentistry is the potential for permanent damage. This can happen when the dental laser is not dialed into the right frequency. However, you can rest assured that our experts at North Atlanta Family Dentistry in Atlanta, GA are highly trained in every aspect of your safety. 

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