Protecting Your Teeth If You Get Sick And Vomit

Vomiting, when sick, can be a relief, especially if you are suffering from an illness, such as the flu, as it gets rid of the toxins that make your stomach upset and lead to nausea. However, if you do vomit, you need to protect your teeth, as regurgitating food can also add to the acids in your mouth.

Protecting Your Teeth Against Acid

Whenever you regurgitate, it also backs up some of the acids in your digestive tract. If this happens, it can lead to dental decay and erosion. Therefore, after you vomit, you need to reduce the risk of this happening. That means you need to rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water. Doing so will help neutralize the odors and acids in the mouth.

Brushing Your Teeth

You also need to brush your teeth if you vomit – but not right away. Because your mouth contains a high level of acid after you regurgitate, this is not advised. First, rinse out your mouth with water. Wait about an hour, then brush your teeth. If you brush your teeth right away, you can cause problems with erosion. Therefore, you need to wait before brushing your teeth.

Use A Mouthwash Without Alcohol

To freshen your breath, use a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol will only dry out the mouth and lead to further problems with erosion and tooth decay. Ask us to recommend a mouthwash. We can suggest an ADA-recommended brand that is alcohol-free that kills odor-causing germs and bacteria.
During flu season, you need to make sure you know what to do if you become sick or vomit. Make sure you are prepared to take care of your teeth as well. Give us a call today for an appointment for an exam. We can set up a time that will work conveniently with your schedule.