Root Canals in Johns Creek and Cumming, GA: Endodontic Treatment

Did you know that American dentists perform 41,000 root canal therapies every day? This procedure (also known as endodontic treatment) is popular because it can save the tooth even when its pulp has become damaged or infected.

Our experts at North Atlanta Family Dentistry provide root canal therapy in Georgia to repair severe tooth decay, alleviate dental pain, and restore good oral health. By avoiding tooth extraction, we maintain your regular bite balance to prevent jaw pain and uneven wear. A pain-free, dazzling smile is a phone call away! Get in touch with our offices in Johns Creek and Cummings, GA, to schedule your appointment. 

How Do Teeth Become Infected?

Your teeth’ shiny enamel surface protects a sensitive interior. When it becomes damaged due to an injury, poor dental hygiene, or lack of professional care, it leaves the inside of your teeth vulnerable. Large cracks, breaks, or cavities allow pathogens to invade the nerves and tooth pulp and eventually develop an infection.

We recommend regular preventive dentistry to avoid the trauma — and dental costs — associated with an infected tooth. By practicing good dental habits while regularly seeing our experts in North Atlanta Family dentistry, your natural teeth can last you a lifetime.

Common Warning Signs that You Require a Root Canal Treatment

Over time, infected pulp can become inflamed and irritated, which causes many obvious symptoms. Keep an eye out for these indicators and book an appointment with our dental team the moment you notice them:

  • A dull or aching tooth pain
  • Swelling and inflammation in nearby gums
  • Halitosis or severe bad breath
  • Persistent or recurring pimple on your gums
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures and overly sweet, sticky, or acidic foods
  • Tooth discoloration or staining
  • Tenderness across your mouth

Diagnosing a Tooth Infection

Not every tooth infection requires root canal therapy in Georgia. For minor cases, a simple tooth filling can clear up your symptoms and restore your healthy tooth. However, severely decayed teeth may be unsalvageable, requiring extraction and replacement with a dental implant.

At North Atlanta Family Dentistry, we perform comprehensive dental examinations in order to recommend the most effective treatment plan possible. Our dentists will go over your teeth and gums to look for signs of damage or decay.

To thoroughly diagnose your oral health, we also perform X-rays to give us a complete view of your mouth’s inner components. These images let us see root damage, infections, bone loss, and other conditions that would otherwise remain hidden.

Learn About the Root Canal Treatment Process

After determining that root canal is the best treatment for your condition, we will perform the necessary steps to preserve your natural tooth:

  • Anesthetic application. Root canals have a reputation for being painful, but modern techniques and anesthetics make the procedure as comfortable as getting a filling.
  • Tooth preparation. After sufficiently numbing your tooth and gums, we place a rubber dam around your tooth to keep it dry. Then we create a small opening through the crown to access the pulp chamber
  • Infected pulp removal. Our root canal specialist removes the infected pulp. With the interior thoroughly disinfected and shaped, we refill and seal it with a special material.
  • Tooth sealing. We use “gutta-percha”, a rubbery material that seals the tooth, hastens the healing process, and guards against infection.
  • Tooth restoration. With the infection completely removed, we install a temporary filling to let the tooth heal before finally applying a permanent filling or dental crown on top of the tooth to strengthen it.

Unlike other, more intensive treatments, we can complete your root canal therapy in just one procedure, and the healing period is very short. You will recover in as little as a few days, and you can once more enjoy a pain-free and fully functional tooth!

trusted Root canal dentists in North Atlanta, GA

The human body might fend off oral disease effectively, but tackling infections deep inside your tooth requires a professional dentist. Once you notice the symptoms, contact our experts immediately to identify the cause and restore your pain-free, healthy smile.


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