The Exhaustion Of Having Poor Oral Health

Poor oral hygiene can cause several mind-inducing diseases and illnesses that can lead you to stress out over time. Poor oral health not only leads to your teeth deteriorating over time but can also cause long-term problems with your general health. This is an important reason why we recommend good oral hygiene practices to all our patients, as it can be exhausting dealing with the many issues that come along with poor oral health.

What Happens When I Have Poor Oral Health?

If you suffer from poor oral health, it can affect your teeth, gums, tongue, surrounding muscles and tissues, and even your heart. This will depend on how long you neglected your oral hygiene. The least serious issues you may face are cavities, root canals, or gingivitis. If you have only suffered from poor oral hygiene for short time, you will often get these as a warning sign to improve your oral hygiene regimen moving forward.

If you have developed poor oral hygiene for a moderate amount of time, typically a few months to a year or two, you may develop more serious issues such as excessive tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. These problems are much more difficult for our staff to address and can cost a large sum of money and time to fix.

If you have had years of neglect with your oral health, you may experience much more traumatic symptoms. This includes losing a full row of teeth, bone loss, and even experience heart problems. Heart issues begin happening when you have had untreated gum disease for a prolonged period, so the infection has spread throughout your body. You may also develop cancer. Both cancer and heart disease can be life-risking and changing diseases that you want to avoid at all costs. Contact us today if you feel you have been neglecting your oral health for too long and need to address it.