Ways Of Keeping A Composite Filling As Long As Possible

Dental fillings are a great option for dealing with cavities. They ensure that you can give your smile the spark it deserves while avoiding the pain that comes with the cavities.

Ideally, the fillings are installed after the removal of the dead cells from the affected part of your dentition. While the conventional option was to install metallic fillings, it was abandoned after a variety of disadvantages were identified.

Today, composite dental fillings are the best option for both solving cavity problems and preserving the aesthetics of your teeth. However, the filings will only be as effective as how you take care of them. Here is how to care for your composite fillings:

Taking Care Of The Fillings

Ideally, you need to maintain proper dental hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth daily and flossing after meals. This prevents the rest of your tooth from being reinfected by the bacteria, which would lead to the development of other cavities and the loosening of the fillings. It might also pay to avoid highly colored foods and drinks as they can easily steal from the aesthetics of the fillings by discoloring them.

If you are in the habit of biting your nails, chewing pens, or even clenching your teeth, stop such habits. Such habits can lead to the damage of the fillings as well as the fracture of your teeth.

If you play any sport or engage in activities that could harm your teeth, wear the necessary protective gear. This includes a mouth guard to ensure that your teeth are protected at all times. Lastly, visit us constantly. Regular visits to our office can ensure the effectiveness of your fillings can be monitored, and any new issues with your dental health can be stopped in its tracks before it spreads.

Your fillings will only reciprocate the love you show them. In turn, you can enjoy a healthy and pain-free smile. Stick to the tips above to protect your dentition from any further issues after getting dental fillings.