Ways To Tell If You Need A Fluoride Treatment

Some adults are more susceptible to gum disease and cavities. Therefore, we recommend they strengthen their teeth with fluoride. While we normally give this treatment to children, we also suggest this treatment approach to patients who have more problems with decay. The following information can help you find out if may need this treatment. 

Signs That Tell You That You Need More Fluoride

 If you have problems with tooth decay, you definitely need to supplement your dental care routine with fluoride treatments. If you need to have your teeth checked often for decay or you experience more sensitivity, you should consider scheduling the treatments. While some people do not get enough fluoride, other people may get too much. When this happens, a condition develops known as fluorosis. Usually, tap water has sufficient fluoride in it to control high levels of decay. If you still find you have too many cavities, you may need to schedule fluoride treatments. 

What Is A Fluoride Treatment?

 A fluoride treatment is a dental process where we apply a high concentration of fluoride to the teeth. In-office treatments may be applied as a foam, varnish, or a gel. This fluoride is similar to the fluoride added to toothpaste. However, the treatments provide quicker benefits. These benefits include strengthening teeth and reversing cavity development. Benefits also make it possible for the body to better use certain tooth-strengthening minerals, such as phosphate and calcium. The minerals are reabsorbed the teeth, which repairs weak spots in the enamel. Do you feel you may benefit from getting fluoride treatments? If so, check with us about arranging a consultation and professional cleaning. Through fluoride treatments, we can help you reduce cavities, prevent periodontal disease, lessen sensitivity, and prevent any premature loss of teeth. Call us today to arrange an appointment. Fluoride treatments can enhance your oral health, which also leads to better health overall.