What To Do If Your Child Has Overlapping Teeth

There are various reasons why your child may develop overlapping teeth, ranging from genetics to bad habits (e.g. prolonged thumb sucking, not being weaned from the bottle at the appropriate time, hanging on to their pacifier for too long). There are also times when your child may be missing teeth and the remaining teeth simply shift and start overlapping.

Treating Overlapping Teeth In Children

Fortunately, regardless of the reason why your children’s teeth are overlapping and crowding each other, it’s possible for us to help you solve the issue. The most common way in which this is done is through orthodontic issues such as braces. The end result of these will be a natural, attractive smile. Their bones, teeth, and gums will also grow healthier. All these things will also give your child more self-confidence.

Today there are many different types of braces to choose from, including fixed (metal, ceramic, or porcelain brackets and wires), lingual braces (ones bonded to the back of your child’s teeth where they’re “invisible”), and clear, removable braces. In the same way as there are various types of braces available, the treatment time also widely varies depending on the specific treatment plan. However, most children will wear braces for one or two years, but if your child has severe problems with their teeth, it may take longer.

Having Teeth Pulled

While teeth straightening devices provide great results, there are still times when your child may need to have a tooth removed. This is typically done prior to fitting your child with braces because then we can use the braces to close the space that such an extraction will leave behind. Keep in mind, not every child will need an extraction. We will work with you to create what we believe to be the best treatment plan for your child and tell you whether this includes extractions.