What To Do To Care For A Tooth With A Missing Crown

A crown is there to shield a severely decayed or otherwise damaged tooth that needs extra protection from the everyday forces that cause wear and tear on your teeth, as well offer a natural looking dental restoration that can correct cosmetic issues you may have.

Although durable, crowns aren’t indestructible and therefore can become damaged or even fall out.

Why Do Crowns Fall Out?

Sometimes, a crown will fall out simply due to the effects of chewing forces over time, but is often the result of chewing hard or sticky foods that can loosen it, as well as grinding your teeth while you sleep. The most disturbing cause, however, is that decay within the foundation of the tooth is present despite preparation of the tooth for a crown.

What Do I Do If My Crown Falls Out?

Although losing a crown doesn’t typically require emergency care, it’s important to contact our office as soon as possible after losing one to schedule an appointment, in order to determine the next steps to save your tooth. In the meantime, don’t assume a lost crown is a useless crown and take the following precautions.

Don’t wait too long
If it will be awhile before you can schedule an appointment, make sure to give your natural tooth a little extra care in the by gently and carefully brushing around it to keep food deposits from building up. It’s also not a bad idea to rinse with warm saltwater once a day,

Avoid risky foods.

Avoid hard-to-chew foods that are hard, sticky, or gummy, as well as foods that can worsen decay more quickly than others, such as sugary foods and beverages and acidic or erosive ones like coffee or sodas.

Bottom line
Be extra mindful of the condition of your natural tooth until you can contact our office to schedule an appointment. Whether you need the crown replaced or another procedure to save your tooth, we need to determine the extent of damage and decay and properly treat your lost crown.